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2019/10 On the market together


Dear Customer,
UNION FOAM SPA hystorically part of thermal elastomeric insulation market since early 60s has chosen, in order to be able to dialogue with Planner, Distributors and final consumers, a direct and personal form of communication capable to ensure a more efficient global information about technological and regulatory developments of own products and systems.

We want to characterize ourselves as a qualified source technical advice and knowledge from which the best possible solution can be chosen through a partnership: our aim is also to disclose innovation and research to make our offer more complete and able to satisfy the most complex requests.

In addition, we wish to inform you in advance about the developments on the market and about our planning to attend fairs, conferences and meetings where you will be able to directly meet us.

We will periodically send you communications aimed at treating and developing topics and issues related to the correct design features and usage of our products.
We would be grateful if you would contact us at for the issues and clarifications that you think are useful by helping us to a careful selection of the topics of interest and allowing us to propose the best solutions that can generate a more a closer and more profitable relationship with the needs of your customers.

Environmental sustainability

Reducing energy waste and using materials with a reduced environmental impact means safeguarding people's well-being and contributing to the balance of the Environment in general.


Environmental Product Declaration