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The main design objectives which are sought through the Digital Evolution in Building Design are:
  • Improved Process control
  • Better and more consistent Safety in the design
  • The search for greater Efficiency and Environmental Sustainability
Union Foam S.p.A. through Autodesk Revit® and in collaboration with experts has developed its range of products for technical insulation in a BIM (Building Information Modeling) module.
This acronym indicates a methodology for the optimization of Planning, Construction and Management of buildings through the aid of software in which all the relevant data of a building are collected, combined and linked together, helping to create a single digital model for the entire building and all its components.
By downloading the Plug-in via our website, it is possible to import the Eurobatex technical insulation product information together with the relevant technical data and use them in the digital design of Mechanical Services for Construction Projects.
Download our Plug-ins here.

Environmental sustainability

Reducing energy waste and using materials with a reduced environmental impact means safeguarding people's well-being and contributing to the balance of the Environment in general.


Environmental Product Declaration