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Eurobatex BIM


The digital transformation which characterizes our era, is involving the Building &Construction sector too.

The main goals of this evolution, which are conceptually linked to the “Green Economy”, is to analyse the Life Cycle of buildings and of the materials they are made from. Life Cycle Analysis goes from the earliest design concept to building demolition, with the aim of decreasing the environmental impacts of each stage as much as possible.

In this concept, a new project methodolgy of the “building system” has been developed, with Building Information Modeling (BIM) being the most widely accepted method of describing it.

BIM is a method for making project design, building construction, maintainance of the building and of its plant and equipment more effective, thanks to the use of a standardised software package, in which all relevant data regarding the building and its contents are collected and linked together , so to create a single digital model of the building system.

The importance of this new method in the Building & Construction Industry is spreading more and more’ It will be further strengthened in the future due to the European Directive 2014/24/EU which has now been defined at a National level and introduced in all Member Countries of the EU and the UK. This regulation requiring the use of BIM for design and construction is now a prerequistite for new National and Local Government buildings.

Union Foam, as a manufacturer of Flexible Elastomeric Foams (FEF) products and systems, has made its all of its major product ranges accessible in this format, the current digital library is as follows:
Eurobatex AT
Eurobatex HF
Eurobatex Isoltec

Thanks to these BIM documents it is now possible to obtain all required technical information for these product ranges and import them directly into the systems used to plan a building ; this would normally by via your “Template” worksheet.

Union Foam’s libraries are in the REVIT (.rvt) file format and are a complete implementation which contains architectural, structural and plant engineering areas.

All .rvt files are available here.

Environmental sustainability

Reducing energy waste and using materials with a reduced environmental impact means safeguarding people's well-being and contributing to the balance of the Environment in general.


Environmental Product Declaration