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Enviromental Product Declaration for Eurobatex


Sustainable building, which is sometimes called ‘Green’ building in international jargon, is an innovative approach developed within the last few decades, once it was niche but today it represents one of the central issues in the world of building construction.

Green building is a much broader concept than simple energy efficiency, it includes issues such as water saving, reducing polluting emissions, the preferential use of recovered / recycled materials, thermal and acoustic comfort and the general well-being of the occupants of home or office. In the broader environment issues of accessibility to buidings, construction sites and transport systems come in to play, as does facilitating environmentally friendly alternative forms of transport. During the construction process sustainable management of the construction site and in general the control and reduction of all the environmental impacts from it are required.

In order to facilitate sustainable development, Union Foam believes it is essential for us to correctly evaluate the environmental impacts of our products throughout their entire life cycles. In this way we hope to be able to help develop more environmentally friendly building solutions; as we recognise that sustainability is a growing competitive requirement.

Ours is a firm commitment to environmental issues; we manage our production processes carefully and with a sustainable logistical approach that minimizes environmenatal impacts and reduces the overall use of resources and raw materials.

Our mission is to present high-performance and environmentally friendly products to the market; starting from a position of firm and measurable sustainability.

Union Foam has submitted its EUROBATEX product range to a life cycle assessment (LCA) process; we therefore offer you a sustainable product certified with an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).

Our Environmental Product Declaration is a document which has been written in accordance with an EU Policy called Green Public Procurement (GPP), which means it is possible to communicate the environmental impacts of a product or service in an objective, comparable and credible manner; all in accordance with the international standard ISO 14025.

Our company has chosen to be certified through the Italian Certifying Body EPDItaly, who is globally recognized and has the following advantages:
• International recognition and visibility with the environmental performance of products
• Operator recognized by Accredia (Italian Accreditation Body)
• Recognised by major contractors and specifiers

There are several advantages related to the use of Eurobatex which have emerged as a result of the LCA study of particular note are the following items: energy consumption, CO2 emissions and reuse of materials.

We declare that the energy impact from the manufacture of Eurobatex products is equal to 3,92 MJ/m3, this means that the energy impact is zero after about 35 days after the product has been installed.

Based upon the average energy consumption of an Italian family, which is equal to about 27,000 MJ per annum, the energy benefit obtained from the whole life installation of Eurobatex products equates the thermal energy consumption of an average family in 40 years.

The overall benefit obtained from the installation of Eurobatex products, in the course of 25 years, in terms of CO2 emissions is equal to approximately 60,000 kg CO2, which corresponds to the emissions of a petrol car that has travelled 13 times around the circumference of the earth.

The recycling of scrap Eurobatex from the primary manufacturing process allows the reuse of approximately 50,000 kg of thermal insulating material every year for the manufacture of high performance, acoustic insulation sheet products.

Environmental sustainability

Reducing energy waste and using materials with a reduced environmental impact means safeguarding people's well-being and contributing to the balance of the Environment in general.


Environmental Product Declaration