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Thickness Calculation Programme – UNIONTOOL


Union Foam S.p.A. has now published, Union Tool, their software for the selection of the suitable thickness of their insulation materials according to the different application fields.

A first selection path will guide the user to the correct choice of Union Foam products considering the final application as well as all the other factors which influence the insulation efficacy, such as ambient temperature, medium/line temperature, relative humidity and so on

Specific calculation parameters have been set so that the programme would suggest a selection of materials for pipes to be insulated expressed both in DN and in mm (outside diameter).

The software calculation result will provide the recommended item/thickness of Union Foam’s range of products and a printable report, which can be saved as PDF file, if required.

Thanks to Union Tool it is possible to determine:
- The minimum insulation thickness necessary to prevent condensation
- The surface temperature of a duct/pipe given the insulation thickness
- The insulation thickness necessary to obtain a specific surface temperature
- The power loss of an insulated duct/pipe given a certain thickness
- The Energy saving achieved through the selection of the insulation
- The freezing time of a medium in a pipeline/duct according to the insulation choice

Union Tool is available here; it can be downloaded or used on line, being also compatible with mobile devices.

Languages: Italian, English, German, Spanish

Environmental sustainability

Reducing energy waste and using materials with a reduced environmental impact means safeguarding people's well-being and contributing to the balance of the Environment in general.


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