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Eurobatex Toolbox


Union Foam S.p.A is pleased to announce the availability for their clients of a selection of tools specifically conceived for the installation of Eurobatex FEF material.

Toolbox is an useful set of professional tools for measuring, gauging, drawing, cutting and gluing, encased in a convenient and handy case (size 330 X 390 H 45 mm+45mm)

Inside the case, selected directly by Union Foam S.p.A there are the following tools:

- Copper templates for 18 – 22 – 28 – 35 couplings together with the relative plastic case.
- Cutter Westcott professional – double blade (34mm)
- Steel knives with 90 mm (3.5 “) short blade and 180mm (7″) long blade
- Stone blade sharpener
- Rigid measuring tape with double measuring scale
- Finishing brush with 10mm bristle, a 40mm flat bristle brush and a glue spreader
- Outside Caliper in polished brigth steel (300mm)
- Yellow wax crayon

Contact our costumer service for further information.

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