UNION FOAM and MOBIUS: together to grow

We are coming together to compete and grow – this is the message we want to tell the world following the acquisition of Mobius by Union Foam. Our company has bought all of the assets previously owned by Mobius. The package of physical and intellectual property which Union Foam has bought from its former competitor gives the new entity a deeper and wider access for thermal and acoustic insulation products in the general construction market as well as industrial applications including the oil & gas, marine and rail sectors.

The long crisis which started in 2008 has radically changed the industrial landscape and aggregating individual strengths is often the most intelligent way not only to address a crisis but also to turn it into an advantage. Union Foam acquired Mobius, but strategically the two brands will remain separate, whilst both production sites will be maintained separately in order not to affect their respective features and benefits which we recognize as a source of added value and will seek to maintain their individual routes to the market. On the other hand, the merger will allow the development of new joint projects, the rationalization of certain features resulting in cost optimization and by the use of synergies increase the resources available to the new group.

This acquisition turns Union Foam into a stronger and more competitive organization and will simultaneously allow Mobius to increase its capacity in the market thanks to the support of its new parent company. The two companies, while maintaining their identities will increase their individual efficiency through the synergies generated by their increased competitive and bargaining powers. In this way we hope and expect to be able to produce a wider and more innovative range of products made in Italy and facilitate the balanced growth of both companies.