Company profile

UNION FOAM Spa was founded in the early 60s with the name  “I.R.G. – Industria Rigenerati Gomma  Spa” and was specialized in the production of recycled products from waste rubber.

In that period the company established important and stong relationships with the major manufacturers of both raw materials (ENICHEM, BAYER, SIR ) and rubber products (PIRELLI, MANULI ).

In 1978, following changes in its production plant, the company became the first in Italy to produce semifinished closed-cell foam rubber products for the thermal and acoustic insulation of domestic and industrial applications.

Today,  UNION FOAM Spa, with vast experience in research, testing and the development of innovative and highly technological products has become a european market leader in this field and is in constant expansion.

The company’s products and systems, capable of preventing the formation of condensation, limiting the loss of energy, absorbing sound and vibrations and  protecting the environment, are used in a wide range of both domestic and industrial applications. (Heating and plumbing, air conditioning, refrigeration, oil, petrochemical, shipyards and railways.)

Certification bodies, qualified both on a national and international level, guarantee, in accordance with the regulations in force, the quality and performance of all products.

The versatility of the production systems together with the ability and desire to satisfy world wide customers allow the company to adapt its product range to comply with the regulations of the countries with which it collaborates.

The company has been granted the certification  ISO EN 9001:2008, CE MARK, RAL QUALITY MARK, MED MARINE, and has always adopted a “total customer satisfaction”policy in order to consolidate and develop working relationships and partnerships with customers through the  SYSTEM  1+ for the evaluation and verification of their products’ performance consistency.

Thanks to its network of agents and distributors, UNION FOAM is now a leading company in the major world wide markets.

Recently UNION FOAM, along with four other companies of the same group, has founded RETE FIVE  5” which, with the sponsorship of the Lombardy district administration and other bodies, aims to create cooperation between various local manufacturers to promote products “Made in Italy”.